Lawn Mowing Service in Northern Virginia

Whether you want weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing to maintain your lawn, Pabon Lawn Care goes above and beyond that!

In addition to mowing your lawn on a set schedule, we also include edging and trimming services for a perfect looking lawn. Edging and trimming means we use special tools to make sure your grass isn’t growing onto the sidewalks or off the edge of curbs. We also ensure that we cut the grass along fence lines and other hard to reach areas that a regular mower can’t get.

Did you know just mowing your lawn isn’t enough?

As the weather warms up, new weeds start to grow and become a nuisance. You’ve probably seen them before. Lawns that look like they have random rough patches, or even those ugly dandelions that sprout up in random spots all across the yard. Nip them in the bud with our weed removal service or just

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